Established in 2000 during the dot.com crash and navigating our way through the global financial crisis in 2008, we have proven our robustness and sustainability in providing professional staffing solutions to organisations ranging from tech start-ups to global players across the Financial Services, Retail, Online, FMCG, Pharma, Chemicals, Energy, Technology, Travel and Communication industries. Located in the UK (2000) and Amsterdam (2003), we have built an international local network of skilled professionals fuelled by our passion for connecting skills with projects. Over the years we have fulfilled over 1700 requirements and we currently have 253 professionals from 14 countries allocated to various projects. After 20 years in business, we decided that 2020 would be the year to rebrand ourselves to build upon the foundation of a successful business model and incorporate Levy company values to drive our future strategy. Our strength is the way that we see and treat people which will be always be a key factor in our strategy for many years to come…multiplying by unity!


We hear you, understand you and help you

Agile & T-Shaped approach

In order to ensure that we can always deliver to our clients´ ever changing demands, we have implemented a T-Shaped Delivery model which is aligned to the Agile approach. We believe that focus and knowledge are key to success in our industry, therefore each Levy Recruiter specializes in a primary skill vertical complimented by one or two secondary verticals, this way we ensure that our whole Delivery team has the bandwidth to satisfy our clients’ needs. This approach blends into our internal processes and maximizes the efficiency of delivery to our clients.


We have divided the business world into several markets so we can develop and harbour specific knowledge to benefit our clients and professionals. For example, an account manager that works solely for our Financial Services division can provide market insights, out of the box solutions or relevant career advice.


Connecting professionals covering the full spectrum of IT competences and our unique skill / industry matrix focus allows us to become specialized across many fields. We continuously invest in building and maintaining our networks through keeping up to date with techniques, news and industry developments so we can deliver professionals to our clients and enhance career paths in a positive and professional manner.




Aim to achieve desirable results, exceed expectations, overcome barriers and setbacks.



Be true to yourself. Act with integrity and be aware of what you believe in and what you stand for.



Take responsibility, recognize and accept the need for change. Adapt behaviour and approach to achieve the desired results for professional, client and personal success.



Take initiative in all ways. Discover and analyze bottle-necks, design solutions for continuous success.











present wherever, whenever

international local network

Over the last 20 years, we have built strong connections with multi-cultural skilled professionals from all over the world to work in diverse, inclusive teams with our clients. We have developed key insights into international labour markets allowing us to monitor supply and quickly respond to demand from our clients. We have a wealth of experience in the timely and efficient sourcing and end-to-end relocation of our professionals going back 20 years, which all results in an efficient and productive Levy community.

Levy services based on the 120′ model. This means our supply organization is devided in people that are skilled in selecting professionals, people that are skilled in sourcing projects and people that are responsible for people & performance. It’s easy to say that this too adhers to creating a hyper-focused, niche approach within our own walls and helps to create in-depth knowledge amongst our team and valuable relationships with both professionals and clients.

Committed to people

We go the extra mile to ensure maximum results.
By paying attention to what you actually tell us and asking you the right questions we make sure we truly understand your qualities and needs.

Connected to people

We believe success comes from great behaviour. We value your commitment to us and will show you ours by treating you with respect, valuing your time, your wishes and needs. We want you to feel heard and, depending on your situation, make you feel at home by relocation support, events and networking opportunities.

Community for people

Knowledge is one of the key aspects in our business. Therefore we are working on a community where you can share your knowledge, development and journey with the Levy network at other companies.

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