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Since the year 2000 Levy has been dedicated to people. What do we mean? For us, people are the greatest asset. We believe that by treating people how they deserve we can help them excel and achieve their highest potential. We want to create a culture of honesty, loyalty, ownership, longevity……and fun!

We believe this approach leads to a worthy, long-lasting partnership with both professionals and clients and by doing so a sustainable growth strategy to achieve our goal: growing a company that not only delivers skilled professionals but shows how it’s done in a respectful, human way.

We want to set an example and shake off the status quo. From managing the work permit, to helping find a new home and assisting with other financial and legal requirements, we put in that extra effort when somebody decides to pick up their whole life and move to another city or country because of a fantastic project.  And what happens after you choose to work for us? Does your development ever stop? We want to grow with you and facilitate you in doing so. There are countless ways to create a valuable company that people enjoy working with. Like we do with the people that put their trust in us and choose Levy as a partner in their career.


Being in the industry for 20 years and having worked with over 1700 professionals and over 90 different medium to corporate clients we know our ways to deliver.


By dividing the company and team in specialty focused sections we understand a lot of your knowledge and skill set enabling easy contact, equality and trust.


Having relocated professionals for 20 years we can show you the ropes and even manage the whole process for you.


We can deliver our services in a construction that fits all parties best. Whether it being Secondment, Projects, Managed Services or People & Performance.


We like to give you a sense of recognition working with us. For this reason we anchored the Agile work method strongly in our day-2-day business,

listen, find, connect, deliver

For people


We find great joy in hearing your story. We believe that it says a lot about what your capabilities are and where you fit best. That why we spend a huge chunk of our time listening to you. Learning about you, getting to know you and understanding you.


Having gotten to know you as a person and learned about your needs we can start looking for a opportunity that fits. We have a fast network of reputable clients with impactful projects. Like we invest in getting to know you, we also invest in knowing our customers giving us insight in the past, current and future projects with the most companies that repeatingly show an interest and need for people with skills similar to yours.


Valueable relationships can only come from sincere interest and real conversations. We want you to feel safe to share what you want to share, wheter it being good, great, bad or ugly; you can ask, say or tell; we are here to make your life easier and we can only deliver when we connect and learn what you need.


Knowing needs from both you as a professional as our client enables us to bring parties together and start the projects we are responsible for and deliver on our promiss.

Being active in this industry for 2 decades we learned just how much we can distinguish ourselves by being accountable. All our contacts are treated with the utmost respect and we show our commitment by taking responsibility for our actions and behaviour. Anchoring this into our daily jobs we evaluate our team in being honest, open and respectful in communication, both internal and external. We appreciate our peers doing the same creating strong partnerships on all levels.

In this field, it is all about skills, nobody should feel left out because of gender, race, age or religion. Everybody that has the right qualifications IS a rightful candidate and has equal opportunity within Levy to win the race for great projects. We also closely monitor our clients and address when we feel equality is on the line.

In an ever changing world one has to be flexible. By mirroring the Agile work approach most of our clients adapted as a methodology, we can mirror their speed, flexibility and approach that modern work environments thrive upon.

There’s an old saying that you’re as good as your last project. In our opinion this is especially the case in the staffing industry. That’s why we closely monitor and evaluate what happens within our company on all levels and maintain an open culture about our daily whereabouts. Doing so we are quick to solve (possible) issues, everybody is well informed on actualities and we ensure everybody feels the urgency to be accountable and approach their work with high standards.

Over the years Levy has received positive feedback for the way we approach our clients and professionals. By showing sincere interest in the people we work with we create strong relations that last. Many professionals in our industry feel left out because of the huge knowledge gap between all involved parties. Looking for a solution we decided to strengthen the development of our team members by assigning them to specialty focused teams and create weekly moments for them to work on their specialty knowledge. Since then, the understanding between our specialists and team has grown, as has the shared success in servicing our clients.

As part of this personalized approach we also decided to raise the bar and tailor the way we give means to the partnership with both professionals and clients. Everybody is unique. Not only in their knowledge, but also in the way they would like to work together. Being an Agile, modern employer we create a custom journey for each person we work with, leading to a high quality, boutique experience for everybody involved with Levy.




Aim to achieve desirable results, exceed expectations, overcome barriers and setbacks.


Be true to your own personality. Act with integrity, be aware of what you want and what you stand for.


Recognize and accept the need for change. Adapt behavior and approach to achieve the desired results for professional, client and personal success.


Take initiative in all ways. Discover and analyze bottle-necks, design solutions for continuous success.

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