Levy Professionals is an employer in the Netherlands for secondment and a partner for contracting services. Our professionals and (self-employed) contractors participate in (IT) projects or fulfil  temporary demands for Levy’s clients across local and international markets.

You are going to work under the management and supervision of Levy, at the work premises of the client.

Within our package, based on (40 hours/week) there is a minimum reservation for 20 holiday + 8 national (in 2020) holidays paid to you when holidays are taken. This package is based on (40 hours/week).

Yes, you will be in direct contact with the end-client (e.g. with the line manager). In case of employment Levy is your employer and the management and supervision lies with Levy.



According to Dutch law an employer is obligated to continue to pay your salary.

The notice period is in accordance with the Dutch Labour Law, normally it is 1 month.

Yes, you are eligible if the Blue card is a Dutch Blue Card, which is given by the IND.

Yes, it is possible however the end client needs to agree on self-employed personnel based on the Dutch DBA legislation.

Yes, Levy is an IND recognised sponsor and can help with all dealings with the IND. The majority of our employees are working via the knowledge migrant visa however we can help with every type of visa in the Netherlands.

Yes, absolutely. During the application process we will ask if a visa is needed just for you or for the whole family.  If a visa is required for your family then we will request more documents.

If members of your family wish to work in the Netherlands then there is no need for them to satisfy a salary criteria to obtain a visa. However, they will not be granted the 30% ruling unless they can prove that they have been recruited from abroad and satisfy some other conditions.

This is possible, but then we must receive additional documents such as a cohabitation contract.



This depends on various party elements such as your salary, duration of the contract, type of contract and so on. For more information about this, we can put you in touch with specialists who arrange mortgages for Expats. if desired, we will prepare an employer’s statement for you.

30% ruling is a special tax discount for highly skilled migrants.


In order to qualify for the 30% ruling you need satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be recruited or assigned from abroad.
  • Have a specific expertise that is not or hardly available on the Dutch labour market. An employee has specific expertise if the salary meets the salary standard.
  • Live more than two thirds of the 24 months (16 months) at a distance of more than 150 kilometres from the Dutch border in the period of 24 months prior to the employment in the Netherlands.
  • You meet the yearly salary criteria of the 30% ruling. This is indexed each year.

If the employee has the granting letter for the 30% ruling from the Dutch tax office, 30% of the gross salary can be paid net.

For example the employee has a gross salary of €5.000:
– 30% of €5.000 is = €1.500, this means that you pay taxes over an amount of €3.500. The taxes that will be withheld on the salary is 900,00. The net income will be 3500 – 900 + 1500 = €4.100

If you qualify for the 30% ruling, you can also claim the following tax-deductible expenses:

  • Costs of relocation and temporary storage
  • Costs for an introductory visit by the employee to the company in the country of employment
  • Costs of applying for or converting a work permit
  • Tuition fees for an international school or for an international section of a regular school
    This is the case if the teaching within the department of the school adheres to a foreign education system
  • the school or department is mainly intended for children of posted employees
  • You can claim commuting costs between home-work at €0,19 per kilometre or the actual cost of using public transport. If we have received an invoice of the actual costs these can be covered tax-free from the target rate.
  • International school fees are tax-deductible if the employee provides the letter granting the 30% ruling . To be able to pay out the international school fees, we require an invoice and proof of payment


We have successfully relocated our professionals for many years and our Levy relocation officer is responsible for the complete end to end relocation of you and your family. Our service is completely free of charge and takes away the stress, allowing you to focus on the next chapter of your career.

Our service includes:

  • Airport meet and greet
  • Accommodation search
  • Registration at the City Hall to obtain Tax number (BSN)
  • Setting up of bank account
  • IND appointment if needed
  • Information regarding health insurance (in the Netherlands Health insurance is private), utilities, internet and phone providers
  • Local amenities orientation tour
  • School visits if needed

When the contract is signed with Levy your contact details will be provided to our relocation officer who will then contact you to discuss your relocation including accommodation preferences.

In the meantime the relocation officer is going to start scanning the market to find most suitable apartment for you. Levy understands that paying 1st rent + deposit is substantial that is why based on the invoice from the landlord we are able to set up a loan agreement and pay the invoice for you and the amount will be deducted from your salary in agreed instalments.

Furthermore, Levy will cover the cost of a flight to NL either for the interview or for relocation purposes.

It is possible to relocate first alone and later with family. Please note that you are eligible for relocation allowance only then when the whole family relocates to the Netherlands.
One of the condition for the relocation allowance is that the social life of the employee needs to move also from abroad to the Netherlands. When the partner and/or children for example are still (living) abroad, it means that (from a tax law point of view) the social life has not moved over to the Netherlands yet.

If you would like to work for Levy then the Netherlands must be your permanent residence. Due to the fact that you work for a Dutch employer and the taxes are paid here. In addition to this and to make use of some tax benefits such as the 30% ruling and the relocation allowance, you must be registered in the Netherlands by having a BSN number. It is only possible to work remotely from abroad with our approval but not less than a period of 2 months.

It depends solely on the end client. However due to tax regulations we require you to relocate to the Netherlands. Currently due to COVD-19 restrictions yes it is possible.

Yes, English is widely spoken in the Netherlands.

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