A major clearing bank embarked on a strategic initiative to overhaul their digital workspace across multiple global offices, including the Netherlands, London, and Chicago. This pivotal project was critical for enhancing collaboration and streamlining operations throughout the organization. Simultaneously, our client faced the challenge of sourcing junior credit risk officers for a long-term project. The bank required candidates with a unique blend of specific knowledge and a diverse range of backgrounds, which proved to be a challenging recruitment task.

Levy solution

Levy Professionals proved instrumental in this transformative period for this bank. For the digital workspace initiative, Levy sourced a senior project manager fluent in Dutch and with extensive digital workplace migration experience. This individual was tasked with leading the migration and ensuring a cohesive digital environment across the organization’s international offices.

In the realm of credit risk management, Levy addressed the bank’s specific needs by recruiting three junior credit risk officers from Turkey, Canada, and Argentina, meeting the bank’s requirements for expertise and diversity. Levy supported these individuals beyond the recruitment phase, facilitating their integration and development within our client through soft skills training and workshops, complementing the bank’s focus on their technical acumen.


The partnership between our client and Levy Professionals has been marked by significant achievements, with the successful digital workspace migration enhancing operational connectivity across the bank’s global offices. The junior credit risk officers have become integral to the bank’s long-term project, benefiting from a comprehensive development program that merges soft skills with technical knowledge. Currently, 45 professionals from Levy are actively contributing to the bank’s projects, reflecting the ongoing and dynamic relationship between the two entities and Levy’s commitment to meeting the complex staffing needs of the finance sector.