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Project Team Builds by Levy Professionals

Levy offers “Project Team Builds,” focusing on full or partial project teams on a time and materials basis. This flexible approach provides clients with complete teams employed and vetted by Levy, ensuring experience, harmony, and quality.

Why Choose Levy’s Team Builds?

  • Competitive Rates: Our services are priced to offer value without compromising on quality.
  • Superior Expertise: We boast a higher standard of technology professionals compared to many consultancies.
  • Efficient Teams: Our cohesive, experienced teams outperform independently assembled contractor groups.

Global Network of Specialists

With over 20 years in the industry, Levy has a global network of experts, likely having worked with us before or coming through trusted referrals. This experience ensures familiarity with our high standards and methodologies.

Ideal for Targeted Projects

This service suits clients aiming for outcome-based change and technology programs, offering a streamlined, effective approach to achieving project goals.

Tech Soucing by Levy Professionals

The third core service offered by Levy Professionals is our “Delivery as a Service,” focusing on areas where Levy unites with contingent workforce teams or outsourced service providers (MSP). This service is intertwined with our two other offerings, catering to a high-volume supply of technology and business professionals through a master vendor platform. While this service forms a crucial part of our portfolio, it is positioned to complement rather than lead our service offering.

Who Benefits and When

This service is particularly suited for co-sourcing, procurement, and multi-level deal solutions, leveraging Levy’s expansive internal delivery team. Our operational capabilities, including relocation services, are pivotal in managing high-volume requirements effectively. Also, we offer this service combined with clear delivery KPI’s and commitments: Quality – Time – Pricing

Access to Delivery Experts

Clients gain access to our pool of delivery experts, proficient in managing high volume roles across various disciplines. This service not only ensures a supply of skilled professionals but also offers the flexibility of having these experts available on-site, tailored to client needs. This adaptability makes it a vital component of our comprehensive service range, especially for clients with large-scale, diverse staffing requirements.