At Levy Professionals, our focus is on industrial sectors and technical delivery disciplines:

Industry Sector

Below we showcase our knowledge and focus across the industries we serve.

Financial Services: Revolutionized by Fintech

At Levy Professionals, we recognize that developments in Fintech are fundamentally transforming financial institutions.

These changes are sweeping through consumer banking, investment, mortgages, and life assurance sectors, introducing a new era of competition and innovation. The battle for customer-focused excellence in banking, driven by Open banking platforms and e-commerce-like operations, is intensifying. The key to success in this evolving landscape revolves around swiftly acquiring the right talent to meet the demands of highly discerning customers.

Our Track Record: From FinTechs to Global Banks
Levy has established a formidable presence in the financial services sector, with a proven track record of delivering top-tier talent for implementing and supporting front to back office systems. Our expertise spans across financial markets, risk management, finance, and cutting-edge digital banking initiatives. From dynamic FinTechs to global investment banks and asset managers, our deep industry knowledge and network place us at the forefront of talent solutions.

Navigating Dutch Finance: Trends and Compliance
In the dynamic Dutch financial sector, with key clients like ABN Amro, we are deeply involved in the latest trends and compliance shifts, especially in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulations. These changes are not just reshaping finance in the Netherlands but are also influencing the broader European finance scene.

Transforming Risk Models with ESG and AI
The introduction of ESG compliance is revolutionizing risk models in retail and commercial sectors. Our approach involves integrating legal, data, analysis, and technology expertise to meet these new challenges. Additionally, emerging technologies like AI and data science are at the forefront of driving innovation, enhancing risk prediction, and refining customer journey experiences.

Growth Opportunities: Pension Funds and AI
We’re witnessing significant growth within pension funds, adapting to new regulations that distinguish between collective and individual pension requirements. Moreover, the evolving role of AI in risk management presents endless possibilities, requiring continuous exploration and integration into our strategies.

The Convergence of Business and Technology
A key trend we’re observing is the merging of business acumen with technological innovation. This trend, exemplified by our ESG projects, involves multidisciplinary teams combining business insight with technological prowess to tackle complex challenges. This signifies a pivotal shift in the finance sector, emphasizing the indispensable role of technology in every aspect of business strategy.

At Levy Professionals, we’re dedicated to leading the charge in this evolving financial landscape. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our deep expertise in financial services, positions us to equip our clients with the insights and talent necessary to navigate and thrive in the future of finance.

Levy MedTech

In the rapidly evolving MedTech sector, Levy Professionals stands at the forefront of catalyzing change and spearheading innovation.

As we navigate through 2024, three pivotal trends are reshaping the MedTech and Bioscience landscapes: personalized medicine, wearable health technologies, and AI-driven diagnostic tools. These advancements underscore the increasing importance of digital transformation and data analytics in enhancing patient care and healthcare outcomes.

Levy Professionals is deeply ingrained in the transformation of healthcare through technology. Our expertise lies in assembling elite change and technology teams dedicated to advancing medical technologies. These teams excel in creating cutting-edge solutions that span from personalized medical devices to AI-powered diagnostic tools, paving the way for a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and tailored to individual needs.

We empower leading medical device manufacturers with the best minds in data science and engineering, enabling them to leverage big data in unveiling diagnostic trends and insights critical to product innovation. Our software engineers are at the heart of developing sophisticated cloud-based solutions, while our DevOps teams ensure seamless global product rollouts. Together, we’re not just responding to current trends; we’re setting the stage for the next generation of medical technology, driving progress that saves and improves lives across the globe.


At Levy Professionals, our focus is on empowering consumer companies through transformative change and technology projects.

In an era marked by rapid market shifts and increasing consumer demands, companies face the challenge of evolving swiftly to stay ahead. Our strength lies in curating and leading high-impact teams for technology and change projects, ensuring our clients not only meet but exceed the expectations of a digitally-driven marketplace.

What distinguishes Levy Professionals is our deep-rooted industry expertise, coupled with a global perspective that allows us to bring a rich diversity of insights to each project. We specialize in steering consumer-focused firms through the complexities of digital transformation, from redefining business models and supply chains to innovating in product development and customer engagement. Our approach is holistic, prioritizing sustainability, consumer health, wellness, and trust, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to foster brand loyalty and market leadership.

Our capabilities extend across critical areas such as ecommerce, apparel, and broadcast media, where the digital consumer journey is reimagined through data-driven strategies and omnichannel experiences. By assembling elite teams from our network of former industry executives, we offer unparalleled guidance on navigating online competition, sustainability challenges, and the dynamic digital landscape. At Levy Professionals, we are committed to transforming consumer companies into agile, forward-thinking leaders ready to capture new opportunities in a rapidly changing world.


Pioneering Change and Technology Projects in Energy Levy Professionals leverages years of experience to partner with leading entities

in the oil and gas sector. Our focus is on facilitating change and implementing technology projects, providing expert teams and consultants to ensure innovation and efficiency in critical operations. We cover the entire spectrum of the industry, from onshore and offshore operations to natural gas, spanning upstream to downstream activities.

In the dynamic global power sector, Levy Professionals is a key player in driving transformation through strategic consulting and the deployment of specialized teams. As the industry confronts climate change and a shifting talent landscape, we offer targeted solutions to support transitions from traditional power generation to sustainable, low-carbon models.

Our role in the renewable energy sector is crucial as it becomes a significant part of the global energy mix. Levy Professionals delivers top talent and comprehensive consultancy for clean energy projects, adapting quickly to the sector’s rapid growth and contributing to a sustainable future.

Specializing in the renewable energy boom, Levy Professionals matches the demand for skilled personnel in wind, solar, and bioenergy projects worldwide. Our expertise extends to the battery industry, addressing the surge in energy storage needs with a portfolio of services for developers and contractors.

In the offshore wind market, we navigate complex challenges, offering end-to-end project lifecycle support from planning through O&M. Our consultants excel in placing professionals across various disciplines, ensuring project success.

Levy Professionals also stands out in the bioenergy field, understanding the nuances of biomass, biofuels, and biogas projects. Our comprehensive approach spans the entire supply chain, from production to deployment, emphasizing innovation and sustainability in every initiative.

Travel & Aviation

Levy Professionals: Leading the Way in Travel, Aviation, and Hospitality Technology Solutions.

Revolutionizing Travel with IT and E-commerce
Levy Professionals has been at the forefront of integrating IT and e-commerce solutions in travel, aviation, and hospitality for over two decades. Our expertise has played a pivotal role in automating travel processes, reducing costs, and creating seamless travel experiences for consumers. This involves technology application at various stages – before, during, and after a trip – across different organizations.

Key Trends in Travel and Tourism Technology
Our deep experience in the UK’s travel and tourism industry positions us perfectly to leverage emerging trends. We’re navigating significant transformations, including:

1. NDC (Network Distribution Capability): We are adapting to shifts in booking distributions, impacting Global Distribution Systems. This calls for specialized roles, where we offer expertise from product management to technical architecture.

2. AI-Driven Efficiency in Airlines: Generative AI is optimizing airline operations, from process automation to predictive maintenance, enhancing both efficiency and customer experience.

3. Cloud Transformation: The sector’s shift from legacy systems to cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP is a part of broader digital transformation, aiming for increased scalability and data analytics capabilities.

4. ERP System Evolution: The move to cloud-based ERP solutions like SAP S/4HANA, especially by airlines, marks a significant technology investment, opening avenues for tech-driven projects.

5. Data Analytics in Tour Operations: Advanced data analytics is revolutionizing tour operations, providing personalized services and enhanced customer insights.

Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies in Operations
We have seamlessly integrated modern technology into various aspects of travel and aviation:

• Mobile and Web-Enabled Booking Systems: We’ve deployed teams to implement web and mobile booking and payment systems, reflecting our ability to adapt to evolving consumer needs.

• Enhanced Airport Security and Efficiency: Our partnerships have led to implementing biometric e-gate security systems and adopting IoT technology for consumer data collection and enhanced airport security.

• Cloud Engineering for Legacy Systems: Our expertise extends to transitioning legacy reservation systems to cloud platforms for major airlines, showcasing our capability in cloud engineering.

Levy Professionals: A Partner in IT Change and Transformation
Our 20-year track record in the travel industry is a testament to our ability to help clients overcome IT challenges and lead transformation initiatives. From deploying developers and product owners with specialized expertise to providing cloud engineers, we have consistently delivered innovative solutions across all stages of travel technology.


Levy Professionals: Leading the Charge in Telecommunications Innovation.

The AI Revolution in Telecommunications
At Levy Professionals, we’re deeply immersed in the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in telecommunications, anticipating significant growth in this area for 2024-2025. AI is revolutionizing the telecom sector by automating operational processes, enhancing customer journeys, and providing predictive insights through advanced monitoring systems. This technological integration is closely tied to both sales and marketing strategies, reflecting our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Merging Technology and Telecommunications Expertise
A key trend we’re observing is the convergence of technology and telecommunications teams. This shift highlights an increasing demand for data engineers and AI specialists, roles that are becoming crucial in the telecom landscape. Our focus is on bridging this talent gap, providing top-tier professionals skilled in data science and engineering for both project-based and permanent roles.

Embracing the 5G Era: Opportunities and Integration Challenges
The rollout of 5G networks is another major trend reshaping telecommunications. This advancement brings challenges in integrating with various service providers, including CCTV and cloud services, necessitating innovative optimization and integration strategies for seamless service delivery.

The Dawn of Global Interconnectivity
We’re entering an era marked by unprecedented global interconnectivity. The explosive growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving demand at both consumer and enterprise levels, pushing the boundaries of existing networks and spurring innovation.

Pioneering in Developing Markets and IoT
Developing markets are leveraging the opportunity to revolutionize telecommunications infrastructure, with a focus on mobile build-outs. This approach is particularly evident in regions like China, where most internet data now travels wirelessly.

Our Vision: A Future of Exciting Growth and Collaboration
We believe that telecommunications is experiencing an unparalleled period of growth. At Levy Professionals, we bring a multidisciplinary perspective to address the industry’s emerging challenges and opportunities. From developing new software services and prototyping IoT hardware to scaling databases for global demand, we’re committed to collaborating with our clients in crafting cutting-edge solutions.

Additional Trends Shaping Telecom in 2024:

1) Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures: As telecom networks become more integral to our daily lives, the emphasis on cybersecurity is intensifying, necessitating robust security protocols and specialized talent in cybersecurity.

2) Edge Computing: The rise of edge computing is driving telecom projects towards decentralized data processing, reducing latency, and improving speed, particularly critical for applications like autonomous vehicles and smart cities.

3) Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR): The telecom sector is exploring the use of VR/AR for both consumer and business applications, requiring significant backend support and innovation in network capabilities.

4) Sustainable and Green Technologies: An increasing focus on sustainability is driving telecom companies to invest in energy-efficient technologies and infrastructure, creating projects centered around green IT solutions.

5) Digital Twins in Network Management: The use of digital twins – virtual replicas of physical networks – is emerging as a trend for advanced network management and troubleshooting.

Delivery Disciplines

The disciplines we provide consultants and solutions for across our focus industries

Data and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

At Levy, we’re at the forefront of the data and AI revolution, offering not just expertise but also a comprehensive network of contract professionals

dedicated to propelling your projects forward. Our Data Engineers and Scientists excel in transforming data into actionable insights, deploying intelligent automation, and crafting algorithms that unlock the potential of big data. Our approach ensures that your business harnesses data’s power for decision-making and innovation effectively.

Our Database Analysts and BI Specialists are not just employees; they’re your strategic partners in data visualization and business intelligence. Using tools like Power BI, they transform complex data sets into clear, actionable insights, empowering your organization to strategize with clarity.

We recognize the importance of Data Managers and Officers in safeguarding data integrity and compliance. As contract professionals, they provide the expertise needed to maintain high standards of data governance and security.

From Data Architects designing your data infrastructure to Quantitative Modelers solving business challenges, our contract talent pool is deep and varied. Power BI Developers and Data Stewards are ready to join your team, ensuring that your data assets are not only robust but also aligned with your strategic goals.

Cloud Computing

Elevate your business with our expert cloud computing solutions, now enhanced with a focused supply of contract professionals

professionals adept in cloud strategies, migration, and management. Whether you need expertise in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, our contract roles are designed to provide the precise skills and experience your projects demand.

Our innovative, contract-based solutions optimize your operations, cut costs, and foster technological innovation, ensuring your business fully leverages cloud computing’s benefits. With Levy, your cloud journey is supported by flexible, skilled professionals ready to scale with your needs.

Finance, Risk, and Compliance

Transform your financial operations with Levy’s deep expertise, now bolstered by a specialized supply of contract professionals in finance, risk, and compliance.

Our strategic solutions in financial analysis, risk modeling, and compliance management are now available through flexible contract roles, ensuring your business stays ahead in a complex landscape.

Our contract experts streamline processes, mitigate risks, and assure compliance, enhancing your decision-making and agility. With Levy, gain access to a curated pool of talent ready to address your specific finance, risk, and compliance challenges.


Levy’s infrastructure services now extend to offering contract professionals who stand out in designing, implementing, and managing sophisticated IT systems.

Tailored to meet dynamic business needs, our contract roles ensure your infrastructure is not just cutting-edge but also aligned with your strategic objectives.


Step up your digital defense with Levy’s cybersecurity expertise, now available through a dedicated supply of contract professionals.

From strategy development to incident response, our contract roles provide the agility and specialized skills needed to protect your digital assets effectively.

Software Development and Testing

Our software development and testing services are now enhanced by a dedicated supply of contract professionals.

From full-stack development to specialized testing, our contract roles are tailored to meet your project’s unique demands, ensuring innovation, quality, and efficiency.

Enterprise Solutions / Products & Generics

Elevate your enterprise solutions with Levy’s expertise in SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle, now supported by a strategic supply of contract professionals.

Whether you need project managers, scrum masters, or ERP specialists, our contract talent is ready to drive your digital transformation and operational excellence.

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