Levy has a diverse portfolio of solutions for professional services which range from helping our clients find the right talent to managing the delivery of their projects.


The candidates provided are recruited, screened, possibly trained and seconded by Levy. After which supervised by- and assigned to clients, invoiced by hours worked.


Professionals are employed by us and seconded for project assignments with fixed project deliverables. Invoicing based on Time & Materials or Work Packages.


Via our Work Package / Statement of Work Services we can offer a partnership whereby Levy facilitates the full Project Life cycle. We are able to deliver projects by defining & agreeing the Definitions of Done.

Delivery as a Service

Connect our delivery capabilities with Self-Managed Contingent Workforce Programs and MSP’s. Our focus is achieving improved time to hire, cost to hire and be 100% compliant by plugging into clients Workforce programs and deliver sought-after tech professionals.

People & Performance

Strengthens our community by personalized relocation, onboarding and offboarding, managing quarterly project performance meetings, pro-active, personable approach, ongoing NPS measurements and continuous retention management.


Financial Services

Developments in Fintech have started to shake up financial institutions operating in consumer banking, investment, mortgages and life assurance. Improved end user interfaces and access to banking information and financial instruments have given consumers greater control over their finances. Differentiation will be defined by usability as much as by cost.

Battling for the most customer focused bank, Open banking platform, operating like an e-commerce company, competition in Finance increasingly revolves around improving user experience, carefully ensuring corporate compliance and the provision of cheaper, more efficient services.

Armed with their smartphones, consumers are switching to digital money: a tremendous opportunity to financial institutions. This also offers the opportunity to shave billions off of transaction costs and improve the accuracy of data collection.

From FinTechs to global investment banks and asset managers, Levy has a strong track record in delivering people to implement and support front to back office systems across financial markets, risk, finance and innovative digital banking initiatives.

Online | Media | Retail

E-commerce now plays a more significant role in our lives than ever before.  Organisations need to be at the forefront of the digital revolution to provide their services to their customers, gain market share and remain competitive.

Levy has assisted global publishers and high street retailers in optimizing their supply chain capabilities through the provision of ERP system specialists as well as providing project teams to implement end to end digital transformations across their websites, mobile apps and data initiatives.

Food | Pharma | Chemicals | Energy

The energy sector is currently in a massive technology transformation. This new wave of technology is presenting feasible solutions with capacity to maximize the size in which we use natural sources, rather than traditional fossil fuels. Levy provides the right consultant from IT engineers to architects that are equipped with the next-gen curiosity to be part of this transformation.”

“Technology helps food manufacturers to produce more efficiently for a growing world population. Over the years, Technology has changed how we produce and find our food through applications, robotics, data and processing techniques. “

“New technologies such as big data and AI are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. Because these changes are so radical and so all-encompassing, it’s a major challenge for pharma companies to keep pace. The demand for these experts is very high, at levy we have an exceptional division in big data and ai that is connected

Technology | Telecom

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and improvement in Industrial Robotics & Electronics are heading up the vanguard. This sector will see an explosion in the use of robots in industrial applications and increasing collaboration robotic presences in the home and in the workplace. Meanwhile, the rise of the Internet of Things in commercial and personal spaces is driving a true transformation in electronics.

We’re only at the start of the era of global interconnectivity. An explosion in the number of devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive demand exponentially, both at a consumer and enterprise level. The strain placed on existing networks by rapid adoption is fuelling innovation in this space.

Developing markets are taking advantage of the fresh starts to telecommunications infrastructure by focusing on mobile build-outs. Now, most Internet data in China travels through the air, rather than under the ground.

We believe there hasn’t been a more exciting period of growth in telecommunications. That’s why we focus on bringing a multi-disciplined perspective to solve the problems coming to the industry. Whether it’s developing and maintaining new software services, prototyping new IoT hardware or scaling databases to handle global demand, we look forward to collaborating with you in finding the right solution.


Data Engineering & Analytics

Information is key for progress. As such the underlying data has become increasingly important. Not just the data itself but its availability, the ever growing amount, the complexity and the speed. Subsequently the people in this field need to be more and more specialized. As such Levy has been involved with major projects in this area, sourcing and nurturing data specialists from around the world. Of course turning data into information requires more than just technical skills, understanding your business is paramount!

Infrastructure, Cloud & Security

It is important to work with the right platforms and systems. Options have been enhanced further with the rise of Cloud Solutions. Whilst hackers are getting smarter every day, protecting your data is paramount to the sustainability of your company. Over the last 20 years, Levy-sourced engineers have worked across various infra platforms from the build and support of RH Linux, Citrix XenApps and Windows estates for data centres to the migration of infra services to AWS and Azure.

Finance, Risk & Compliance

Being active in the Financial Services sector for many years we noticed growing requests from clients who wanted to further integrate their financial and IT side of the business. Over the last couple of years this trend expanded to risk and compliance as these areas have grown in focus, especially within banks and insurers. Levy has spent these years building pools of professionals in these areas and has placed numerous specialists including:

Software Development & Testing

The growth of the software development industry is driven by some key factors such as increasing development of IT infrastructure, rapid expansion of IT services companies’ and cloud computing technology. With new possibilities comes new demand. Levy is not limited by borders to help fulfil this demand and has extensive experience in matching Software Developers and Test Engineers to the right projects; contributing to business specific (mobile) applications to those used by millions of customers.

Products & Generics

Levy values specific knowledge. Even if you are working with ‘off the shelf products’ such as SAP, Workday or Salesforce, you still need expertise to implement and optimize. These kind of software products/suites tend to impact your business hugely. Knowledge of the product itself is often mandatory to integrate well with your business processes and other applications.





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