Navigating the Future

Navigating the Future Key Strategies for Sourcing Contractors in the Technology-Driven Travel and Tourism Sector

In the rapidly evolving travel and tourism industry, where technology transformations are the norm, sourcing the right contractors for project teams has become increasingly critical. This blog delves into the essential strategies and considerations for securing top-notch contractors, focusing on how businesses can adapt to and thrive amidst these technological advancements.

1. Strategic Sourcing in the NDC Era

With the adoption of Network Distribution Capability (NDC), the travel sector is shifting towards more sophisticated and interconnected systems. This transition demands a fresh approach to sourcing contractors, emphasizing the need for expertise in product management, technical architecture, and data analytics. Businesses must refine their sourcing criteria and processes to prioritize these competencies, ensuring their teams can leverage NDC to its full potential, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

2. AI Expertise in Contractor Profiles

Artificial intelligence is redefining efficiency within the travel industry, making it imperative for businesses to source contractors who are well-versed in AI. Whether it’s enhancing customer service or optimizing operational processes, contractors with AI skills can provide a significant competitive advantage. Companies should focus on identifying and engaging contractors who demonstrate a strong understanding of AI applications in travel, ensuring they can contribute effectively to innovation and efficiency initiatives.

3. Cloud Competency in Sourcing Decisions

As companies migrate to cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP, the demand for cloud-savvy contractors has surged. Successful sourcing in this area means looking for contractors with proven cloud computing expertise, understanding the intricacies of various platforms, and their application in the travel sector. This expertise is crucial for driving service improvement and operational efficiency, making it a key consideration in contractor selection.

4. Sourcing for ERP System Expertise

The move to cloud-based ERP systems like SAP S/4HANA is transforming resource and process management in travel and tourism. Sourcing contractors with a deep understanding of ERP integration and customization can significantly benefit businesses. Such expertise is vital for optimizing operations and enabling swift adaptation to market changes, underscoring the need to prioritize these skills in contractor selection.

5. Data Analytics Proficiency in Contractor Teams

With data analytics playing a pivotal role in personalizing and streamlining tour operations, sourcing contractors with strong analytical skills is essential. These professionals can unlock insights into customer behavior and preferences, driving enhanced service offerings and informed decision-making. Prioritizing data analytics expertise in contractor sourcing will be instrumental in maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic travel landscape.


To navigate the tech-driven evolution in travel and tourism, businesses must adopt strategic sourcing practices focused on the essential technological competencies. By aligning contractor sourcing with the sector’s tech trends, companies can build agile, skilled teams capable of leveraging new technologies for innovation and growth. While the challenge is substantial, the right sourcing strategies can equip businesses to excel in this technology-integrated future, creating exceptional value and experiences in the travel and tourism industry.