Projects / SoW

Projects by Levy Professionals

“Projects” by Levy Professionals offers clients a comprehensive solution for their project needs. This flagship service covers all aspects of work packages, from detailed statements of work to full lifecycle project facilitation. Designed for technology and commercial ventures, it delivers the expertise and nuanced understanding clients require from a boutique consultancy.

Integrated Project Solutions

Our sourcing strategy for these projects is dynamic and tailored to the specific needs of each project. The majority of our personnel, diligently employed by Levy Professionals, work either on-site or remotely, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to various project demands. In certain instances, we strategically utilize contractors to complement our workforce, seamlessly integrating them to maintain a consistent level of service excellence.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

At Levy Professionals, we encapsulate the entire spectrum of service delivery – from scoping and qualifying to pricing and solution implementation. Our consulting expertise is leveraged to meticulously plan and execute each project, employing top-tier technology staff dedicated to achieving your project milestones.

Deliverables-Focus Service

Our Projects service is distinctly characterized by its outcome-based, fixed-price structure aligned with KPIs. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting each milestone in the project delivery, ensuring deliverables are achieved efficiently and effectively, aligning with the overarching goals of our clients.