Welcome to Levy Professionals, your niche consultancy delivering specialized global solutions in consulting, project management, and tech sourcing for forward-thinking, technology-focused businesses.

Client Services

We offer a tailored suite of services encompassing expert Consulting, comprehensive Project Solutions, and specialized Project Team Builds, designed to meet the unique needs of every client.


Levy Consulting: Supplying Top Technology and Commercial Professionals to Lead and Direct Projects for Optimal Commercial and Technological Outcomes.

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Projects / SoW

Levy Projects: Tailored, Comprehensive Solutions for Full Lifecycle Management in Technology and Commercial Ventures.

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Projects Team Build

Levy Project Team Builds: Expertly Vetted, Cohesive Teams for Efficient, Outcome-Driven Technology and Change Projects.

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Permanent Team builds | delivered via our partner brand.

Business and Tech resources

Visit our Knowledge Centre for expert insights and advice drawn from years of delivering successful technology and commercial change projects.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Dutch finance, professionals are witnessing a significant transformation driven by emerging trends and stringent compliance requirements.

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The initial step is to thoroughly understand the specific business problems the company aims to solve with AI/ML. This understanding will shape the team’s structure, the skills required, and the integration

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In the rapidly evolving travel and tourism industry, where technology transformations are the norm, sourcing the right contractors for project teams has become increasingly critical.

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Success stories

An extremely professional recruitment company, my Levy recruiter worked with me to understand my needs and then pushed me towards the right role.

I was kept in contact throughout the process and Levy worked hard to help me succeed. It’s likely that I wouldn’t be in my current role if it wasn’t for their help.

Head of Web Services

I had the pleasure of working with my Levy recruiter, and I can confidently say that she was exceptional! The consultant demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, always responding promptly and understanding my job requirements seamlessly. Her expertise in aligning my profile with suitable job opportunities made the entire process smooth and rewarding. I wholeheartedly recommend Levy to anyone seeing a dedicated and efficient recruiter.

Global Financial Services organization, Location: London

I highly recommend Levy Professionals. I had the pleasure of working with them when searching for a new Product Manager role, when they were instrumental in helping me along the entire process from preparation from the interview to gaining feedback from the Hiring Manager.

Levy demonstrated a deep understanding of the recruiting landscape, a great communicator and dedicated to their people.

Senior Technical Product Manager