Our client is renowned for their advanced geological research and data-centric contributions to the earth sciences, operates as a publicly traded entity with a presence in 61 countries. Their commitment to pioneering IT and Data infrastructures is foundational to their business model. A unique aspect of their operations includes their fleet of ocean-going vessels equipped with sophisticated IT systems necessary for satellite navigation and data transmission. These specialized systems pose uncommon IT challenges due to the nature of their application and the environments they operate in. The logistics of maintaining and upgrading these systems are further complicated by the limited time frames available when the ships dock, typically only a day or two, necessitating impeccable preparation and execution under high pressure.

Levy solution

Levy Professionals embraced the challenge, leveraging its global network to identify and recruit individuals with the niche skill sets required for these specialized IT roles. The team’s effort culminated in successfully relocating several of these specialists to the Netherlands, where our client is headquartered. In addition to addressing the unique needs of the company’s maritime IT, Levy has been a pivotal partner in executing projects across various domains, including information security, IT infrastructure, and application development. The professionals sourced for these projects were not only vetted for their robust IT expertise but also for their soft skills, ensuring their capability to navigate the non-standard and demanding situations characteristic of our client’s operations.


Through the strategic partnership with Levy Professionals, our client has strengthened its IT and data infrastructure, enhancing its operational efficiency and maintaining its edge in technological prowess within the geotechnical field. Currently, six Levy Professionals are actively engaged in ongoing projects at the company, underscoring a sustained and valuable relationship.