Our client, a leading player in the commodities market, recognized the need to modernize its IT infrastructure to maintain its competitive edge and ensure the highest security and efficiency standards. Faced with the challenge of an outdated system that could not keep pace with the company’s growth, they sought a partner who could not only understand the complexities of their global operations but also deliver a cutting-edge technological solution.

Levy solution

Levy Professionals stepped in to provide a bespoke solution tailored to the bank’s unique requirements. Our approach was spearheaded by Michael Knight, a seasoned Cisco design and engineering expert, who led the development of a robust target IT infrastructure. This included strategic WAN optimization and seamless data centre migrations, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum performance. Alongside this, our specialist, Egemen Bakirci, applied his extensive VoIP engineering skills to revolutionize Glencore’s telecommunications framework, implementing systems such as Call Manager, Webex, and SamWin to foster better connectivity and collaboration across the organization.


The collaboration between our client and Levy Professionals resulted in a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure that not only met the immediate needs but also positioned our client for future technological advancements. The new systems have provided a scalable, secure, and resilient foundation, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and communication capabilities. Feedback from key stakeholders, including Marco Dijkshoorn and Theo Stof, has been overwhelmingly positive, noting the seamless transition and immediate improvements in system reliability and user experience.