Our client, which has a significant presence in the global financial sector, recognized the imperative to enhance its data management and reporting capabilities to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The bank faced the colossal task of consolidating its financial reporting across global operations and required a robust financial trading system to support its front office activities. Furthermore, the bank was at a critical juncture, undergoing an agile transformation while merging its wholesale and retail organizations – a move that necessitated a high degree of technical and strategic expertise.

Levy solution

For over two decades, Levy Professionals has stood as a trusted partner for this bank, consistently delivering IT project consultancy services that align with the bank’s worldwide agricultural initiatives. Our tailored approach included deploying skilled DWH ETL Developers and Business Analysts with a deep understanding of financial reporting to support the development of the bank’s global financial reporting data warehouse. We also facilitated the implementation of the Murex front office financial trading system, thanks to our provision of seasoned business analysts and Ops engineers knowledgeable in trading products such as FX/MM and Derivatives.

Our commitment extended to enhancing the bank’s global infrastructure, where our Oracle/SQL DBAs and IT engineers specialized in Red Hat Linux, Windows, and ITSM played a pivotal role in the design, build, and support phases for data centers across Europe and the Americas. Moreover, Levy Professionals contributed to Rabobank’s data visualization needs by supplying Power BI Data engineers tasked with creating insightful dashboards.

During a transformative period for our client, Levy’s experts, including Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Dev Ops engineers, were instrumental in supporting the bank’s shift to agile methodologies and the seamless merger of its distinct business entities.


The collaborative efforts of Levy Professionals have been integral to this bank’s continued success and operational excellence. Currently, 85 professionals from Levy are working in concert with Rabobank to further its mission and objectives.